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Healthy Snacks

Updated: May 15, 2022

We all get the sweet tooth cravings every now and again; But the thing is most of us don’t want to eat something only for regrets to follow right,,......

My solution was found in making some time to bake healthy snacks at home so that I know exactly what I am consuming and enjoy without the guilt.

This recipe I am sharing is very quick and tasty as well. Let us know if you have a similar recipe or what you think of this one.

Total Baking time 30min. What you need For the dry: –

• 1Tbs coconut powder • 3Tbs Millet • 2Tbs Flex seed • ½ cup oats • 1 cup Buckwheat • ¼Tbs Baking powder • Few raisins • Few dried dates (optional)

Blend all the dry ingredients together using a blender and make flour which will be baking flour.

For the liquid: –

• 1Tbs coconut oil (melted) • 1 cub of cocoa butter (melted) • 1 cup of almond milk • 1Tbs maple syrup • A drop of vanilla

Blend every thing in the big bowl and mix it. Get your baking tray and place the mix . This measurement should give you 6-8 regular square bars.

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